Age Certificate issued by Volkswagen Owners Club (GB)

The DVLA require an owner to provide evidence of the manufacturing date from the manufacturer where available. Until recently this has been problematic with Volkswagen vehicles as there has been a considerable lead time in obtaining such a document from the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg. However this has changed, the museum is now able to supply a Data Sheet correlating production date and the chassis number (VIN) with a slightly quicker turnaround. We have supplied a sample of this document to the DVLA and received confirmation that it is admissible evidence for all applications.

The details you require from VW can be ordered from this page:

Should Volkswagen inform an owner in writing that they cannot provide the details, then in most cases, The Volkswagen Owners Club GB can help.

We are able to issue an Age Certificate in the form of a letter confirming the period of manufacture of a Volkswagen vehicle for use by an owner to obtain an ‘Age Related’ registration mark in the UK. This letter should then be passed, by the owner, to the DVLA for processing. We may be able to provide proof of production date for ‘Historic Vehicle’ classification depending on available data but the VW museum should be approached first.

This is a service that we offer to members for free, although each member is limited to two applications per year. We will process additional applications for a nominal charge of £20 per application.