Tatton Park VW Show – August 2022

We were up bright and early for a drive over the Pennines on the first Sunday of August, the traditional date for Tatton Park’s VW show. As we neared the grounds of Tatton Park, we spotted the Ghostbusters car, it looked really cool and very detailed. Surely it was heading to the same place.

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Cars

It was a beautiful summer day with loads of beautiful cars on the show field. We had our usual spot next to Alan H Schofield. Our club stand had a T4, a T5, two Beetles (both with a movie connection) and an EOS on display.

Top Day at Tatton

Back in August, we popped along to one of our favourite VW shows, Tatton Park. In the run-up to the show, we didn’t know whether it would go ahead or not. Several other shows had pulled the plug late in the day, so we were pleased when the day arrived and we could head over to Cheshire for our first show as a club for 18 months.

As Tatton Park is a one day show, we were up bright and early on