Vee Dub Show 2024

The absence of Dubfreeze left a February-sized hole in our events calendar. We had been regular patrons of the Dubfreeze and even Bugfreeze before that for those of you old enough to remember. Sadly, the final Dubfreeze was in February 2020. The saddest part was that none of us knew it would be the last Dubfreeze.

4×4 Expo to the rescue

Another regular event at Stafford Showground took an opportunity to expand its offering. Billed as the biggest, busiest and best indoor

Alloy Wheel Refurbisment Review

The alloy wheels on our T4 were starting to look worse for wear. After sitting on our van for 17 years, the lacquer had begun to peel.

We researched a few companies that could refurbish the wheels for us, and we decided to use RS Wheel Refurbishment as they came highly recommended and were local to us in Sheffield.

As we were refurbishing the wheels, we also decided to replace the tyres at the same time. We chose to

Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line Cabriolet (MY ’22) Review

Volkswagen T-Roc R-Line Cabriolet (MY ’22) Review

Back in August this year (2022), I took VW’s latest T-Roc Cabriolet for a test. It’s the newly facelifted model and it comes in two engine sizes, a 1.0 and a 1.5 TSI. The one that I tested was the 1.5 TSI and it was hooked up to a seven-speed DSG gearbox.

I took the car to VW Festival at Harewood House in Leeds and what a weekend

It’s when you’re within the 5-mile radius you can feel the buzz. The closer you get the more Dubs you see heading to their Mecca. All converging to the same Holy Ground from within the UK and Mainland Europe. A quarter-mile strip of pure flat tarmac surrounded by tents, stalls, live music, race cars, and a fairground. All steeped in lots of laughter.

VW Action is awash with VWs of all ages, air, water, and now evermore

It had been 3 years since the last VW Festival at Harewood House near Leeds. Covid restrictions meant that the 2020 and 2021 shows couldn’t go ahead, so we were looking forward to a weekend in the grounds of the Harewood Estate.

VW Festival always brings out an awesome selection of cars, and this year was no exception. Our club stall was positioned on the row right at the front, so we had a great view of all of the show cars as well as the house. A great place to be.

Tatton Park VW Show – August 2022

We were up bright and early for a drive over the Pennines on the first Sunday of August, the traditional date for Tatton Park’s VW show. As we neared the grounds of Tatton Park, we spotted the Ghostbusters car, it looked really cool and very detailed. Surely it was heading to the same place.

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Cars

It was a beautiful summer day with loads of beautiful cars on the show field. We had our usual spot next to Alan H Schofield. Our club stand had a T4, a T5, two Beetles (both with a movie connection) and an EOS on display.

ID.4 First Edition from Volkswagen

ID.4 First Edition from Volkswagen

So here we have the ID.4 from Volkswagen. VW Press kindly lent us this car so we could take it down to VW Action at Santa Pod Raceway.

Now, this is the first time that I’d driven an electric car, and in the run-up to our trip to VW Action, I was quite apprehensive about being able to get to Santa Pod and back, with a little

Volkswagen Type 4, 411 and 412

The final rear-engined VW cars

Everyone joins VWOCGB for their own unique reasons. Discounts, access to first-hand niche VW knowledge, Club merch, and free event tickets are all readily on the table. For some, the opportunity to support the Club that has helped them in the past can naturally arise. During the AGM, it was briefly mentioned that a book review was being offered to the Club. I had a dash of free time, why not.

With a clunk on the floor,

Top Day at Tatton

Back in August, we popped along to one of our favourite VW shows, Tatton Park. In the run-up to the show, we didn’t know whether it would go ahead or not. Several other shows had pulled the plug late in the day, so we were pleased when the day arrived and we could head over to Cheshire for our first show as a club for 18 months.

As Tatton Park is a one day show, we were up bright and early on

DubFreeze 2020

Storm Dennis couldn’t keep us from paying our annual pilgrimage to DubFreeze, although it did throw a few obstacles in our way.

We set off early Sunday morning from Sheffield in the T-Cross that we had borrowed from VW. The roads in South Yorkshire were fine, the winds were not too blustery, nor was there much in the way of precipitation.

Flooded Roads

As we neared the County Showground in Staffordshire, and deviated from the main A roads, things started to worsen. We