Motorsport Links

Please find below a selection of links to motorsport events and location that we fell you may be interested in:

Anglesey Circuit provides the perfect venue for owners of high performance cars to drive their own vehicles at speed in a controlled and safe environment
A none profit making voluntary body whose purpose is to encourage car and motorcycle competitions which perpetuate an amateur spirit and tradition
The UK's premier rally forum
LARA is the motoring organisations Land Access and Recreation Association and acts as a national forum for the principal groups in countryside motor sport and recreation. LARA does not organise events or act as any sort of governing body
UK's Motor Sport Governing body
News Website Relating to the Rally World
The site has just been revamped with new features and provides a detailed calendar of events with contact information
A site dedicated to the Volkswagen Racing Cup, with information on drivers, cars, regulations and other Championship details. It also carries archive details for previous years.
The VWDRC is the home of Volkswagen drag racing in the UK including some of the quickest and fastest VW's in europe and the biggest one make drag racing club in the WORLD! 20 years at the top and still growing stronger!
VW and Porsche drag racing at York Raceway
The Beetle Challenge is the first Aircooled classic VW Beetle circuit racing series in the UK since the demise of the Beetle Cup over a decade ago. This is not a resurrection, it is a brand new series, with new rules to make circuit racing as low-cost and as accessible as feasible. There has been a lot of talk and false starts within the VW community for years but now thanks largely to a few committed enthusiasts, it is Go Go Go
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